Our Custom Clock Process

The biggest question we are asked at Man Cave Accessories is how do we make our custom clocks? It is a very cool process and today we wanted to give you a behind the scenes photo tour of our process.

First we create the artwork, print and attach to the clock face. The diameter has been measured and the artwork is attached to a perfectly sized metal disc.

Blank Metal Insert

Add Your Custom Design

Choose Your Neon

Our next step is to assemble the actual clock. In addition to the artwork the client can choose how many rings of neon and the color of the neon to further customize their clock. The clock runs on battery and the neon is powered by a standard electrical plug.

The final product is a very cool, very custom clock that is functional and a great addition to any room.

We can turn anything into custom clock artwork. A family photo, family name, anything you can imagine can be placed on one of our fun clocks!